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Training & Development

The EHS Myanmar is offering online Corporate Training and Development for the workplace.  Environmental Awareness and Management is essentials nowadays to educate employees Therefore, If you want to learn environmental management and awareness for your needs, EHS Myanmar which is organized by experienced and educated young people is ready to provide training for your organization and Co., Ltd. We can provide customized training based on your needs and type of firms (business). Please contact us for details at



According to the 2015 Environmental Impact Assessment Procedures Pursuant to Section 21 of the Law and Articles 52, 53, and 55 of the Rules, all Projects and Project expansions were undertaken by any ministry, government department, organization, corporation, board, development committee and organization, local government or authority, company, cooperative, institution, enterprise, firm, partnership, or individual (and/or all Projects, field sites, factories and businesses including expansions of such Projects, field sites, factories and businesses identified by the Ministry, which may cause an impact on environmental quality and are required to obtain Prior Permission in accordance with Section 21 of the Law, and Article 62 of the Rules) having the potential to cause Adverse Impacts, are required to undertake IEE or EIA or to develop an EMP, and to obtain an ECC in accordance with this Procedure, Therefore, Consult with experienced and educated environmental consultants from EHS Myanmar for your Environmental Management Plan (EMP) requirement.



Research is an important foundation for the development of the nation. The EHS Myanmar is conducting private environmental research in Myanmar in the areas of environmental protection, public health, and safety on our own or in collaboration with other organizations. EHS Myanmar has also been published completed research works at international conferences.

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